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Stina Bebenroth is a director and journalist working in New Zealand, Austria and Germany. 

She has a Master's degree in Economics and many years of experience in working with different Communication and Press Agencies, Newspapers, TV stations and Companies under her belt. 

Born and raised in Germany, Stina has always tried to get as much international experience as possible. Student exchange program in South Africa, Internship in Argentina, University in Switzerland and traveling around the world have resulted in a life that happens on the European continent as much as in Oceania. 

Here and there she loves one thing more than anything else: Interviews. Long and thorough conversations with entrepreneurs, managers, athletes, artists and innovators are her speciality. The list of her dialogue partners spans from professional US-American skiers over Hungarian entrepreneurs to German pit workers. Stina's broad general knowledge and experience makes it easy for her to find exactly the questions her interview partners need to think of answers far away from the generic and ordinary. 

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